Private Tutoring

I offer private tutoring over Zoom in multiple subject areas by appointment. I love sharing knowledge and skills with learners of all ages, and tutoring is an important part of my life. Please see a sampling of subjects and FAQs below. When you’re ready, book a half-hour consultation, or email me directly about your specific needs. I look forward to speaking with you!

What I Teach

Economics & Math Subjects

For my youngest learners, I tutor early numeracy which includes math up to addition and subtraction. For elementary learners I tutor arithmetic and early geometry. I cover traditional areas of learning for middle, high school, and college learners from geometry and algebra to calculus and statistics.

I tutor across economics subject areas including but not limited to macroeconomics, microeconomics, environmental economics, competition, financial principles, and economic theory & history.

For advanced learners I tutor econometrics and provide help with economics and business tools like Stata and Excel.

Research Methods

Whether you’re drafting a research paper, building an economic model, conducting interview-based or journalistic research, or writing a survey, I can help organize the research process, strengthen your ideas, and assist in sourcing and methodology refinement.

Personal Finance & Financial Literacy

I offer private tutoring in personal finance where we discuss key financial instruments and concepts as well as budgeting, savings methods, and financial goals. These lessons can strengthen your financial toolbox and enable smarter planning long-term.

English, Writing, and Literacy Subjects

I tutor learners of all ages in English skills, including early literacy, grammar, essay writing, creative writing, and understanding literature.

While the majority of my work in this area is tutoring, if you need one-off help content editing, copyediting, or revising an essay, story, poem, article, or thesis please get in touch by email.

History, Politics, and Political Theory

Political theory is the subject I wrote my undergraduate thesis on, and something I continue to be passionate about. I’m eager to help other students along their journey.

In the same vein I tutor U.S. history, world history, as well as sub-fields like American political history. If you need help with traditional political science, including research, I can provide tutoring and help there, too.


I lost the Zoom link, where is it?

Right here: Zoom Link. Zoom has a waiting room, so nobody without an appointment will be admitted to this room.

What ages do you tutor?

I teach learners of all ages! I can tutor to your educational needs whether you have an elementary-aged learner who needs help with literacy, you’re a college student hoping to hone skills in essay writing or analytics, you’re a professional needing guidance with personal finance, or you’re anybody in between.

Can you tutor me / my child in more than one subject?

Yes! Every student is different, which means every learning plan will be different. We’ll develop a learning plan together to fit your needs, covering as many or as few subjects as necessary.

Why should I hire you to tutor me / my child?

I graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University with a 3.9 GPA and a B.A. in Economics and Political Science.

Further, I have many years of tutoring behind me, providing a robust foundation of pedagogical experience across age groups, learning styles, and subjects. I’ve tutored students of every age, helping elementary students navigate their English homework and tutoring my college peers in economics at Tufts University’s StAAR Center.

In my everyday work and life I balance multiple projects at a time, devoting attention and a detail-oriented mindset to each. I’ll always have a handle on my learners’ unique needs, struggles, and successes. Most importantly, I care deeply about the growth and success of the learners I tutor, and will do everything I can to ensure a learning and growth path that works for the individual.

Can I schedule a free consultation?

Yes! In fact, if you’d like private tutoring, you must. We’ll meet for half an hour and discuss your or your child’s educational needs and goals, a timeline for tutoring, and how you’ll pay. Consultations are important because I need to assess whether I can take on you or your child as a student at this time, and because it gives you an opportunity to gauge if my methods and background fit your current educational needs.

How much does tutoring cost & how do I pay?

The tutoring needs of every student are different, but my base rate is $65 per hour. Special requests or requirements may make tutoring more expensive, but we’ll settle on a rate together during our consultation.

I bill through Stripe, where you can pay with your credit card. If you’re attending private lessons, we’ll work out an individual billing plan, and you’ll receive invoices by email. If you are attending group tutoring, click on the Stripe link under the group you would like to attend, and purchase access to the number of sessions you need. Meeting links to group sessions are listed above in the session description.